2015-04-29 21:11:25 by SpacePirateLord

Heya everyone. I know it's been a long time since I did any post on Newgrounds, artwork or otherwise. That's about to change, as I've launched my new Patreon account:

Per usual my work is mainly NSFW, so it, along with all the work posted on my Newgrounds, is for those 18+ only. That being said, if you're interested in supporting my artwork, go check it out. The work done for it will not be fully exclusive; it will only be exclusive for a month and then posted on all the usual sites that I post on. The only truly exclusive content will be the high definition files and the ability to vote on certain themes/which of the sketches get fully colored.

Patrons will be added to a mailing list that contains all of my hardcore content, while my tasteful nudity will go on the Patreon page itself (and eventually here and other sites). I hope to see some of you there!

Here end'eth the status update. Have a great day!

Hello everyone. How is it going? I'm just here to introduce myself. I'm Space Pirate Lord. You might or might not have seen my work on Hentai Foundry or Rule 34. I'm afraid I'm a newer artist, and not too terribly popular just yet. However, I possess the unique quality of several years experience in the field of animation. Mostly traditional work, but I have dabbled with Flash beforehand.

There's one thing you probably won't see much of from me. TWEENS! I hate tweens. I'm all into traditional frame by frame. There's a fluidity there that tweens can't re-produce. Don't you agree? Also, I'm fully experienced with After Affects, so most of my backgrounds/extra elements will probably be created with that. It brings a higher quality into a flash animation. Sure, it ends up making it a bigger file, but... An animated full digital painting as a background beats out a background done in flash any day of the week.

Anyway, I'm working on another animation right now... But it's a fairly big project so it probably won't be done for another month or two. I might work on another side project before that one is finished actually. It depends on my mood. Oh, what's the next project you ask? It's a Slayers (a pretty funny anime series) hentai animation starring Amelia and Zelgadis. There's a small gif preview on my rule 34 account. Here it is: 506

Similarly, you can find all my quaint still images on that site too. You can also find my work on my Hentai Foundry account, which I have listed as my webpage.

Well, that should be it for now. Tell me what you think, give me feedback, etc. I love feedback. It helps me improve even more. Don't be afraid to talk to me. I'll more than likely respond back.

Have a great day!